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Our contingency-based collection program focuses on settling account balances quickly, efficiently, and ethically while treating consumers with respect and empathy. 

As with everything we do compliance is king, but not with just state and federal regulations. Your policies and procedures are followed to a tee. Your vision will be our vision.

We offer customizable solutions implementing:

Core-Collect – Our fundamental recovery program implementing written correspondences, calling campaigns, skip tracing, POE searches and credit bureau reporting. NO COLLECTION = NO FEES

Second-Collect – This program collects older delinquent accounts other agencies could not. It utilizes same tactics as Core-Collect. NO COLLECTION = NO FEES

Litigation – After all other traditional collection programs have been exhausted and an extensive asset & employment search is completed. UCS may recommend litigation. NO COLLECTION = NO FEES

Debt Purchasing – Retiring or closing your practice? Merging with another entity? Turn your AR inventory into cash with our debt purchase program. Debts purchased are never resold.