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Contact Information for Consumers

United Credit Service, Inc. allows consumers the ability to communicate with our office(s) via electronic mail (e-mail) through a secured mechanism. No information is ever sent electronically without consent given by you or your legally authorized representative.

Your Request to UCS

Your initial e-mail communication to UCS will prompt us to assign a Communication ID for your request. In response to your initial request UCS will communicate back to you by E-mail, with and a communication ID.

Appropriate Uses for E-mail

E-mail may be used to request information and documents pertaining to your debt(s) placed for collection at United Credit Service, Inc.

E-mail may be used to communicate about collection matters and any other reasons or requests you may make to this office.

Secure E-mail

Once we receive your authorized request, UCS will send an e-mail containing the information you have requested to a secure location. You will receive an e-mail telling you that UCS, Inc. has left you a message. In the e-mail there will be a link to click on. This link will take you directly to a secure portal to set up a User ID and Passphrase. You will use your User ID and Passphrase to access secured e-mail from UCS. Documents provided by secure e-mail from UCS will also have password protection. You will be told your password during the phone conversation with a representative of UCS.

Keeping Records of E-mail Communication

E-mail communications will be documented in one of two ways: (1) an electronic note maintained in our computer system or (2) a paper copy (or electronic version thereof) filed in our corporate office.

Sending E-mail

Please include your full name and your Communication ID (assigned by UCS and provided to you in an e-mail from UCS) in every e-mail communication sent to UCS. This information is required so that UCS can establish that the person requesting information and/or documentation is in fact the person the sender claims to be. Without this information UCS will not be able to address your questions. The subject line should include your Communication ID, for example: “Communication ID 123456 – LAST NAME, FIRST NAME”.

It will be the assumption of UCS that the e-mail address provided to e-mail information and/or documentation is valid unless we receive a ‘failure notification’ upon our attempt to e-mail information and/or documentation to you.

If a message is returned to you because of a “bad address” please make sure that you entered the complete address as it was given to you. If you are sure that you entered the address UCS gave to you, please call our office at 262-723-2902 to make sure you have the correct e-mail address and that the computer system is functioning properly.

If UCS does not answer your e-mail in 1 business day contact the office by telephone at 262-723-2902.

Privacy & Security of E-mail

Be cautious when using e-mail to send or request sensitive information. This includes personal information you do not want other people to obtain. Additionally, you should be aware of and understand that if you use e-mail provided by your employer, any e-mail sent on your employer’s system may be viewed by your employer.

United Credit Service, Inc. cannot and does not guarantee the privacy or security of any messages being sent over the Internet. There is the potential that e-mail sent over the Internet can be intercepted and read by others. We make every attempt to secure documents so that they can only be viewed by the recipient. If this is of concern to you, you should not communicate with UCS through e-mail.

Your Rights

You have the right to withdraw your E-mail consent at any time. If your e-mail consent is withdrawn UCS will stop communicating via e-mail to you.

You may withdraw your e-mail consent at any time by fax, e-mail, or mail. Your letter should state that you would like your e-mail agreement withdrawn. Include your name and communication ID. Be sure to sign this document for authentication. If withdrawal by e-mail is received your printed name and communication ID as a salutation will be acceptable according to the E-Sign Act.

Electronic Contact Information

You may update your electronic contact information at any time by calling or e-mailing UCS with your communication ID.

Viewing Documents Sent to You

To be able to view documents sent to you by UCS you must have the latest version of Adobe PDF Reader on the computer you are using. To download the free software application, click on the button below.

Authorization To Use E-mail

I have been informed of and understand the risks and procedures involved with using e-mail. I agree to the terms listed on this form and hereby voluntarily request, consent to, and authorize the use of e-mail communication unless otherwise withdrawn.