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Medical Collections

Medical Collections require finesse. This involves the ability to maintain a balance of effective debt recoveries while preserving your positive image and relationships. Our roots are in medical collections. With 70 years of experience UCS understands the challenges you face in this ever-changing industry. We offer customizable solutions implementing the following programs:


Pre-Collect – Some patients only need a little encouragement to pay. This is a series of letters—under our letterhead.  It’s simple, effective and inexpensive.  (This is not a stand-alone program.)

Core-Collect – Our fundamental recovery program implementing written correspondences, calling campaigns, skip tracing, POE searches and credit bureau reporting. NO COLLECTION = NO FEES
Early Outs/Self-Pay – This is a series of letters and phone calls notifying the patient of their balance.  This is done as an extension of you, not as a collection agency. NO COLLECTION = NO FEES
Second-Collect – This program collects older delinquent accounts other agencies could not. It utilizes same tactics as Core-Collect. NO COLLECTION = NO FEES
Insurance Claim Collections – Don’t let denials slow down your cash flow. Our experienced Ins. Claims Collection Specialists can speed up the process with computerized work flows and system decision logic. NO COLLECTION = NO FEES
Litigation – After all other traditional collection programs have been exhausted and an extensive asset & employment search is completed. UCS may recommend litigation. NO COLLECTION = NO FEES

Pre-conversion self-pay clean up, Post conversion self-pay follow-up, and Special projects – If you need help addressing something not listed let’s talk, get creative and develop a solution together.

Debt Purchasing – Retiring or closing your practice? Merging with another entity? Turn your AR inventory into cash with our debt purchase program. Debts purchased are never resold.